Thursday, March 27, 2008

Men at Work

For weeks now, Jonathan has been looking forward to building a mini picnic table with Ian. "We'll be worker men, Dad", he has said many times! Well, this past weekend, they finally set out to build that table. It took them a few hours---well, Jonathan didn't quite last that long--as you can see from the photo, the noise was a little much for him! So after about 10 minutes he ran off to play with the girls and came back to 'check' on Dad every once in a while. For Ian, it was so good to get his mind off our ministry work and some of the stresses he's dealing with right now and just be busy with his hands.

And here's the end product! Just needs a bit of sanding and some staining/varnishing!

Jonathan had to try it out--he's playing with his playdough on it. We haven't decided yet if it's going to stay inside or out. I think Ian might have to build another one...


Allan and Alice Buist/Plug said...

I like the placemats - they're coming in handy! I think you definitely need two of those beautiful picnic tables.
It's nice to see the smiling faces.
Love from all of us.

HH said...

How cute is that? I love the table. Does Ian take orders?? I'm sure Jonathan and Karlyn will have heaps of fun with that table. I can see some picnics coming your way and both you and Ian will have to squeeze yourself around the table to sit with the

Jen Van Rossen said...

Hi Ian and Nadia! It's Jen here! I wanted to try to find you guys and thankfully Google was all I needed! It's great to be able to see you guys over the net! I'd love to keep in touch - my email is so feel free to drop me an email sometime! Missing you guys like absolute crazy. Can't wait to see you guys sometime, God willing! Much love, especially to Jonathan! xx Jen

******************************** said...

Hey Ian..Marc's been woodworking, too! You'll have to swap plans, I think!
I can't believe how grown up Jonathan is already! Wow!
Love from the Taber Jagts!


Oh Ian a carpenter you are? Fantastic job, and sure your family, especially the kids are going to enjoy their own little spot. Out or in, or musical tables till the next one is built!
Glad you enjoyed your project and will have to try your handyworks on another:)
They sure have grown up in your time in Lae and become real little people, really cute!
Regards to you all.

Dave and Melissa said...

Wow, Ian! Never knew you had it in you! Such adroitness with tools. It is so great to see pictures of you and your family. Keep them coming!
Love you guys!

Elissa W said...

Great table! I can just see Noah sitting there with Jonathan & Karlyn, causing havoc at dinner time!