Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Journey Back to PNG...So Far

An Early Morning Swim in the Waves at Waikiki, Hawaii!

Aaaahhh, I love to sleep on the beach!

A beautiful spot near a canal in Waikiki. 

Catching some zzzzz's on our way to Sydney!

Victoria Park, Sydney.
A different type of flying...more fun!!??

A group of loved ones met us at the airport in Perth and brought us
to our little cottage here in Bedfordale with the Geurts family.
It's a great spot!

Caleb, on one of the big 'toys' with 'Uncle' Mark!

Together Saturday morning Breakfast.
It was so good to see our old friends again when they came up from Albany for a weekend.

Proud fathers...Dong Woo, Ian and Hendrik!

Kings Park, Perth.
Our kids had great fun with Avery and George.

Back at the ranch...and on the tramp with Luke!

Our boy has learned to smile!

Our first school presentation in Kelmscott.
We've been really thankful for all the encouragement and support at our presentations.
Ian's presented to 4 churches so far, and we have another school one this week.

Karlyn, presenting a friend at the school with a PNG bilum.

We miss you so much, our families and friends in Canada and Holland!
But we are so thankful for the way God is blessing us and encouraging us here.

He is good...all the time!