Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our Girl is Five!

Here she is, our 5 year old girl! Ready for school and looking pretty proud wearing her new shirt and birthday girl badge from Grandma and Grandpa! Last year Karlyn ended up with chicken pox on her birthday so she didn't have a party at all. This year we invited all the girls from her class to come for a "Princess Party". Thankfully, a few good friends helped me out in getting everything ready.
Here's Odessa and I getting the pink castle cake ready.
I've been so blessed with creative friends.
This is Vinisha and Rhonda creating a castle out of an old fridge box.
Karlyn and Rhonda's daughter Thais posing in front of the castle.
The Princesses all decorated their own crowns.
There were a few princes hanging around too!
All the princesses took turns posing on the throne for a royal photo shoot.
"Happy Birthday to Karlyn!"
I was pretty happy with how the cake turned out.
There was even a gluten-free layer for Ian and me!
Karlyn and her friends had a lot of fun that morning and we were so thankful to be able to celebrate the five years God has given our daughter.

May she grow up to be a faithful daughter of the King!