Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oma is Home

Last week, the Lord in His wisdom and abiding love, called home to Himself, Mrs. Maria Veenman, Ian’s Oma. It was just back in September that Oma celebrated her 90th birthday, shortly after we arrived back from PNG, and we were really thankful to be here for that milestone. But we were also struck with the realization that Oma’s battle with Alzheimer’s had been a long and a hard one, and it was our prayer (and we shared this in one of our posts) that the Lord would take her home soon. He did. And it is this reality that is so comforting, but at the same time so mind-boggling for us who still tarry here on this side of the great divide.

As a granddaughter-in-law, who didn’t know Oma very well, I felt privileged to discover more about who she was as she was remembered and honoured at her funeral:
Oma was a faithful daughter of her Lord; a loving and dedicated mother; a woman who practiced hospitality; a true friend; someone who faced many hardships in this life, but rarely complained; who bravely traveled solo for many years after the death of her husband in 1971.
What a testimony of God’s love and faithfulness she was!

It was an honour for Ian to lead the funeral service, although he was a little nervous as this was his first Canadian funeral and then before a familial audience. But the family was gracious…and the Lord gave us great comfort from His Word, especially the words of Psalm 33:18. “But the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear Him, on those whose hope is in His unfailing love…” .
Oma kept her eyes on her Lord and now she is experiencing that unfailing love in the most perfect way. Praise be to God.