Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Question for Fellow Bakers

I recently acquired a bread machine. A friend had two and decided to give one to me! A lovely, generous gift. It's been fun experimenting with different recipes for bread, rolls, cheese twists, and pizza dough, even some with spelt flour for Ian and me (since we are both wheat-intolerant). Our kids still enjoy their sandwiches at lunch, so for them I've been searching for a true wholemeal (or wholewheat, for the Canadians:)) bread recipe. Most of the recipes out there, even the one that came with the machine, call for half white flour. That's not wholemeal, is it??

So I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who has found a good recipe that is 100% wholewheat, or at least as close as we can get?
Thank you again to those who sent me recipes and tips. Through you all, I discovered that it is possible to have a moist, light loaf of bread that is 100% whole wheat!

And even more important, the kids like it!
(Apologies for the terrible picture quality
and my son's table manners, but you get the idea!!)

Friday, March 2, 2012

That Time of Year Again

This past week, an exciting thing happened just across the Owen Stanley mountain range that separates Lae from Port Moresby. Another academic year began at the Reformed Churches Bible College!

God made it possible for us to send two new students from Lae--Keith and Adam. Here they are on the morning of their departure, nervous and excited about leaving Lae to begin their studies at the RCBC!
Ian spoke to them the other night on the phone and they were brimming over with thankfulness and joy at being at the College. And we understand why--as a young man living in the settlements of Lae, it's not easy to stand up for your faith. As is the case worldwide, there's pressure to fit in, to join the partying, to live for yourself instead of living for the Lord. But at the College, they are away from these pressures and have the opportunity to delve into the Word everyday with other young Christians. Of course, college life has its challenges too, but we thank God that these young men have the opportunity to be there to strengthen and increase their faith and knowledge of Christ and His Word. Please pray for them, and also the other young men, their friends and brothers, that stayed behind in the settlements.

This is Annie and Jerry, with their daughters, Christina and baby Agnes. (Some of you may remember that baby Agnes had a rough start to life when she had a bad fall at birth, but thankfully she seems to be ok. ) This will be their fourth year at the college as Jerry continues his studies in the Pastoral Program.
Another family also returned for their fourth year--Joel and Gami, along with their children Vanessa and Robert. Joel is also in the Pastoral Program. Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of them since they left a couple weeks earlier than these other students. They are also very thankful that they could go back and continue their studies.

This is another family that also lives at the RCBC---Nawae and Daiva, Ralema and Andrias. Nawae and Daiva have been at the College since it opened its doors in 2007! As part of Nawae's Pastoral Program, they came to Lae for a 4-week internship. They were a blessing to our church community as he preached, and together they lead a Marriage Course, Youth Bible Studies, and supported the church members. I think many hope that they will be back one day on a more permanent basis... but we will have to wait and see what the Lord has planned!

Your prayers for all the students and staff at the Bible College are always needed!