Sunday, January 29, 2012

Some Time in Cairns

For some of you, it's been a while since you've heard from us. We feel we have a pretty good excuse, though. We were busy having a holiday in Cairns, Australia! Cairns is not far from PNG--only a 1.5 hour flight from Port Moresby--and it is a beautiful place to visit! For us, it was made even more beautiful by the church group there. Ian was privileged to preach a couple of times and we all enjoyed the love and hospitality shown us by the members. They made us feel welcome, had us over for dinner, babysat our children, showed us some spectacular sights, and so on!

Here we are, taking in some of the beauty of the Tablelands of Cairns.
The tree behind us is surrounded by a vine that looks like a curtain,
aptly called the curtain fig.

This fine gentleman, and even finer fisherman,
took Ian and Jonathan out on the reef for a day.
They enjoyed pulling in lots of reef fish, but all too small to keep.
No fish for dinner, that night!

Jono's Catch of the Day

Good friends Aliesha and Karlyn...
we stayed in the flat at Matt and Claire Byl's place
and our children just loved playing with Aliesha and Shakira!

The weather was very nice, so we swam heaps!

We also visited the zoo.
The Roos were very unnaturally friendly!

True to his name, this guy wasn't shy about strutting his stuff!

And this guy, my dear husband, celebrated his 38th birthday while there!
It was a great holiday, refreshing and relaxing...but now we're glad to be home again into the swing of things here!