Friday, April 11, 2008

Rainy Day

There are clothes, towels and sheets hanging in various spots throughout our house—on the clothes rack, of course, but since we ran out of room on it, there are sheets draped over chairs and tables and hanging from curtain rods. I also hung up a temporary clothes line out front of our house. Today started out as a nice sunny day, and so I didn’t expect the rain that’s coming down now. Hence I washed all the sheets and the towels and lots of clothes!

We seem to be having more rainy days lately, so it must be the rainy season, I guess. Since Lae gets about 5 metres of rain annually, even the locals have a hard time specifying exactly when it is. We’ve asked many different people, many times, and have never received the same answer twice! We understand the confusion--most people don’t typically follow a calendar, and then you have the fact that it rains all the time in Lae, even during the ‘dry’ season! But we have figured out this much in the couple years we’ve been here—-during the dry season, we stay mostly dry, because it only rains at night! (With torrential downpours and house-shaking thunderstorms!) And then during the wet season, it rains at night and during the day. And it can rain and rain and rain. So that’s where we’re at today. Our laundry will probably stay hanging up all of today, and probably tomorrow too, and then unless the sun comes out, it still won’t be dry and we’ll just have to settle for damp towels, clothes and sheets. Actually, in the humidity, things basically feel this way what am I complaining about?!

Jonathan and Karlyn always get excited about running around in the rain. Actually Jonathan gets most excited about wearing his raincoat! I guess he’s a Canadian at heart and likes the idea of donning extra layers:) Karlyn, on the other hand, usually refuses, like the day I took this photo. At least she’ll wear her rubber boots though!


Allan and Alice Buist/Plug said...

Oh they are such cuties. Those smile make me miss them so much!

Allan and Alice Buist/Plug said...

I wish I could play in the rain with you too. Today is a rainy day at our house - I am going to play in the rain with my boots on and my rain coat. I'm going to play with Maya outside. And she's a black lab. I hope you have a good time. From Allie