Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Farewell Friends!

Our Aussie friends left us a few days ago to return home to WA.

(Thanks for all your hard work, team!)

They did an amazing job turning a carport at the pastor's house into a living space for an older man in our church! This is Len Vandyk and Andrew working on the outside walls.

Korinda and Andrea made a bed, a little table and foot stool for brother Rumanasen too!

We didn't make them work every minute they are enjoying Lae Yacht Club. We really appreciated the work they did and also how they supported us and kept us laughing despite some stressful times we're having in our ministry work (details to follow about that in another update).

We couldn't bear to be totally alone after the team left, so Wayne and Cheronne sent Cheronne's parents to console us for the weekend!! They are Hans and Margaret Vermeulen and we really appreciated their company too. They've since gone back to Moresby to spend some more time with Wayne and Cheronne and kids.

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Hi there Ian and Nadia and family,
lovely to read your blog again.
We are sure you would have loved having the volunteers around and happy with the work they have completed.
May God continue to be with you all as you work in His Kingdom where He has placed you and where you also find difficult days hard to bear.
We continue to bring you all before Him and ask that God gives you all the strength and wisdom to do your task and also gives relief and feeling better soon Ian!
I'm sure your lovely wife will make sure you dont over do it:) well that's when you might listen to her great advice!
x and regards Hil & Jen