Sunday, December 7, 2008

30 on the 30th

I just realized that reading past blog entries is a great way to reflect and reminisce. Last week I hit another milestone in my life with my 30th birthday, and I guess that’s why I was feeling a bit nostalgic and skimmed over a few of the entries from the past year. It brought back a lot of memories, as well as a range of emotions as I‘re-lived’ the experiences of the past months. It was also really neat to see how the children changed and grew, not only by the photos, but also in the things they’re doing and saying.

Our second entry on the blog was about my 29th birthday—celebrated in Lae, on a very hot day, of course. The highlight was a morning walk on the beautiful grounds of the Lae Golf Course. How different this year’s birthday was in comparison! Just a tad colder and not too humid—-it was below zero, after all! But it was celebrated with enough family and friends to warm our hearts and home!

It was special to celebrate with a couple of the little, but significant, people in my life! Here’s Allie Buist and I celebrating our birthdays…together we turned 35 this year!

And here is Lucas (the son of Ian’s brother, Tim and wife, Elissa). He turned 1 on the 30th! I remember when he was born last year, and we really felt how far away we were in not being able to meet him right away and cuddle him in our arms, like you love to do with a newborn. But then the Lord blessed us with getting to know him in PNG this past year, and the icing on the cake, you could say, was celebrating with him in person this year!

I ended my 29th birthday blog praising God for another birthday and saying that I would strive to follow Him faithfully the coming year. As I think back, I know there have been times when in my stubborn pride I’ve tried to take the lead and go my own way. Other times I’ve stumbled and fallen as I tried to race along the path. But in His grace and love, He’s always picked me up and showed me His way again. And because of this grace and by His power, I can strive to follow Him again this year, wherever He may lead. Especially with Ian still not completely well and our future plans uncertain, we need to completely surrender and trust and follow. So easy to say, but really hard to do sometimes.
In His strength, we take it one step at a time.


The Jagts said...

Happy Birthday Nadia!
Blessings in your 31st (!) year!
Jody & Marc

Helen said...

Happy Champagne Birthday to you! 30 on the 30th! That is cool. God's Blessings for the year ahead. Does this blog entry mean that you are back in Ontario? By the time I got around to calling you had already left for Florida... so I'll have to try again this week if you are home again.

Sara said...

Happy Belated Birthday Nadia!
We'll be in your area around Christmas...Any chance we can see you then and finally catch up!
Sara (Edward & the 4 boys)

Randy & Karen said...

Happy 1 day belated birthday Nad!!! We pray that you had a special day with family and friends and we are sorry we weren't there to give you a good destroying in Settlers for your birthday :) We pray for the Lord's richest blessing and peace on the days and months ahead. We love you guys and we selfishly (very selfishly..) would love to see you in March... will you still be around? Say hi to the gang from us. With love from haiti.


That is pretty cool isnt it, 30 on the 30th. When i passed on our greetings for your birthday i wasnt aware of that!
Anyways was lovely to catchup gain via your blog.
Glad your day was well enjoyed and again we have seen in the past year how God has aredand protected you and your family as well.
Have a lovely week and God bless.xx Jen and Hil and fam

Bruce and Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Nadia! God bless you and your family in the coming year. Best wishes, Bruce, Sarah and Kiera