Thursday, March 5, 2009

On the last day of February...

It's never a good idea to write a blog about a month's highlights when there's still one day left in that month for highlights to occur!

The last day of February turned out to be a very exciting one for my brother Jonathan and his wife, Kathelien. On this day, the Lord blessed them with the safe arrival of their firstborn, a son, named Jayden Jarnoud Thomas Zietsma! The Lord has definitely turned their sadness into joy with this special gift. All praise to Him.

Jonathan and Kathelien and baby Jayden in the hospital in Eda, Holland.


Mike & Alina Noot said...

Aw, he's such a cutie! Bet you want to fly right over and give him a cuddle :-) Congrats to them, and to the new aunt and uncle, too. God is good!!

John Harsevoort said...

Awesome! Hey Nad, can you send me Jon and Kat's email address so I can congratulate them? I think you know mine.
John Harsevoort


What a cutie.......and Congratulations to them as well, as a precious newborn is so special hey! You sure are related there's not a doubt.
We've been thinking and praying for your family often and hope that all is going well, and Ian is feeling better as much as can be expected, and Nadia, sure you are beginning to feel the excitement of being pregant again.
Take care all of you, forever in our thoughts. Hugs for Jonathon and Karlyn too:)