Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Place We Called Home

Not that I want to get too emotional about this, but we did really grow to love our quiet little spot in Dundas. But as of yesterday, it's no longer 'ours', and will soon be the home of Ian's sister, Lydia and her future husband, Adam. We are very happy for them as they get ready to begin their life together.

As for us, we've moved up, as they say, to the Hamilton mountain and are house-sitting for some good ol' Aussies who have gone to spend the next 3.5 months back home. Change never comes easily, and so it's a bit of an adjustment being in yet another new, and temporary, place. But I've been reminding myself of all the blessings of this place and the fact that this world is not our home, anyway!

Jonathan showed his anxiety about the move by having a bit of a hard time when we dropped him off at school the last couple weeks again. Once he's there, he loves it still though. He's also very excited about the fact that we have "pets" here--two fluttery finches. (Although we weren't told their names or where to find their food! Don't worry, we'll figure that out...) Karlyn was up in the night last night (our first night here) feeling "scared" and is having a hard time falling asleep now. All part of the transition. She told me today that she wanted to be back at our old house and that Aunt Lydia and Uncle Adam could move in here instead!

I think our most favourite part about the place in Dundas was the beautiful walking trail right beside our house. We walked it almost everyday and inevitably ended up at the park.

Blowing Dandelions

"I'm gonna miss this guy!"

Racing around and handing out tickets in the police car

Jonathan learned to fly down the trail on his bike with no training wheels

The backyard gate leading to the Plaza. Pretty convenient, especially for those 7am runs to the store when we ran out of milk!

We've discovered already that there are, of course, several parks here in our new neighbourhood and we just have to figure out which one is the closest. And the No Frills really isn't that far away, not to mention that we're now a 5 minute drive from Jonathan's school instead of 25. So we will be ok'll just take a bit for it to feel like home.


Crystal said...

When Jonathan was on that dinosaur, do you know what park that was?
Please write back!

Sara said...

'Home is where the heart is, right?' You have each other and wherever you move the Lord is always with you (which is such a comfort.) Every move was hard for me growing up and we moved 12 times till I was 20 and then I moved out!♥

Looking forward to seeing you in June! Do you have an email address? You can leave it on my blog!

Anonymous said...

We're practically neighbours now, Nadia! You'll have to come to the outdoor pool on West 25th in the summer for some nice swims - its free and just the perfect size for little kids!

jen said...

Your two munchkins are just adorable and have grown up so quickly:)