Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Celeste Comes Nest or Just for a Rest?

It was about two years ago that we first introduced you to our little 'tugboat', that is. We had high hopes then of one day sailing the ocean blue in her, seeing as we live right on the edge of the beautiful Huon Gulf and all. But alas, those dreams have not yet become reality! She (the boat's name is Celeste, by the way) spent about a year and a half at our friend's property, where we did some work on her, but just couldn't get the engine going and then she just rested there while we spent a year in Canada. So when we returned last October, a friend of ours who works at a mechanic shop in town suggested we bring her in there. He did this as a favour to us, and they worked on her in their spare time, that is, until the boss said that this 'charity case' of a boat was taking up space and had to go!! We promptly ordered two small parts from Australia and they got the engine going! And so it was that last Saturday our friend called and asked if Ian would follow him to our place while he pulled the boat here. The reason being was that although the boat is now running, the trailer for it, well, it was a little more uncertain, shall we say. And boy did it need some reinforcing to get it here. Imagine a trailer that was close to falling apart, pulling a boat on roads full of potholes, BIG ones! Well, after being stranded on the road 3 times, and 3 hours later, Celeste finally came home to be with us!

The Reinforcements!

Jonathan helps to give her a wash.
We're not sure yet what our next step will be. Somehow we will have to fix the trailer before we can test the waters with Celeste. But that will take time, and money, of course. We were originally sharing the boat with some missionary friends, but the Lord has directed them to work in the Highlands of PNG instead, and so we are now the sole owners. This is ok, but it makes us question whether it is all worth it. Maybe we just need to get out on that water, just once, catch some fish and taste the sea salty air and we will be convinced! I don't know. For now, Celeste will rest in front of our house while we contemplate our next move.
And a few other pics.
Karlyn, posing...for some reason she does the head-tilt thing whenever I take a photo of her these days. Where did she learn that??
Jonathan has just completed his first term at school...and he loved it! Here he is with a few of his classmates on 'Sports Day'.
All of our kids have been sick lately and Caleb is still on the mend. He fell asleep in his high chair during dinner yesterday. Very uncharacteristic of him...showed how tired his little body is from not being well. Still so cute, though, eh?!


Pille said...
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Elissa W said...

How exciting to have some time with Celeste... hope you get to enjoy her on the open water soon!! Absolutely love the pictures, Karlyn is such a card, Jono is just growing up so much, and Caleb - what a sweetie! Hope that you are all feeling better...
lots of love from the T & E Wildeboers