Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Memories of WA!

6 weeks in Western Australia...a fantastic time filled with many different experiences, enriched by many wonderful people! 

It was also a busy time. Ian had the honour of preaching every Sunday in 9 different churches; he took part in the 1st, but hopefully not the last Mission Conference; he shared what God is doing in PNG to 7 churches and we visited 4 different schools. We met with our Mission Board and our sending church. 

Sometimes it was a tiring time--parenting and homeschooling 'on the run' isn't always easy, especially with a newborn still waking up in the night! 

But it was also a refreshing time as were we shown much love and hospitality--we rarely cooked for ourselves and were spoiled by many gifts! We were greatly encouraged by the support and interest for the work, and the love and care shown our family. 

God is so faithful and provides all we need!  

A few pics to share with you too:   
Ian chatting with Stephen 't Hart on a day out at Penguin Island.
Could they be discussing mission?!

Benjamin, so content to sleep on Jess's shoulder!
We enjoyed a great weekend with Ted and Cathy and girls in Busselton!

Uncle Ted still has the touch....3 years ago, he held a very similar looking baby of ours!

Back at the shack, as they call it---our little home in Bedfordale.
What better way to do your schoolwork than with your cute  brother by your side!

Asleep again...this time on Jacinta's shoulder!
We had a fun time here and at the Aquarium with her and her parents, Len and Viv.

Saturdays were a lot of fun at the Geurts' place!
Rides on the jeep or the quad...

and of course, fun in the mud!

Karlyn with Karen.
Park-hopping with great friends is always fun!

Then we drove 4 hours to visit Albany for a week.
It was such a blessing to catch up with good friends the Alkemas and the VanderHeides.
Here's Karlyn and Ashlyn, happy to be together again!
Jono and George at Emu Point in Albany.
Caleb liked hanging out with George too!

Karlyn and Avery also had fun together!

Little friends...Benjamin and Judah.

It was really special to celebrate my birthday in Albany too!
We went out for dinner with Nat and Andrew, and Kristen and Hendrik.

Jono and Karlyn really enjoyed being part of Ashlyn and Avery's class in Albany.
Here they are all dressed up for Culture Day.

We could share so much more, but it's hard to pack 6 weeks of experiences into one blog post! One more thing to mention though...it was also great to have the opportunity to get to know our new co-workers, Chris and Nicole Steenhof. Somehow we didn't get a photo of them---we'll have to make up for that once they join us in Lae in a few months' time, DV! We do look forward to them coming.


Alice Plug-Buist said...

Good to see your happy faces. Hope you get settled in again quickly!

carla said...

Really nice blog! Very nice pics! Jone you were soooo muddy!
I wanna hold chubby Benj........