Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Visitors from down under!

We do accept visitors you know, that’s just for the record. Well, this past weekend we were blessed to have Dean and Natalie Huizinga and their precocious son, Clive here for a few days. (For some of you who might remember the Huizingas when Rev Huizinga served in Hamilton, Dean is their third born). Natalie finds her roots in Australia and experienced PNG before with a three month village experience close to Port Moresby. But for Dean and Clive this was all very new. We think they enjoyed their short stint here, visiting the areas that we work, eating mumus and enjoying some swimming at a local hotel. They left us on Monday to return to their good friends and ours in Port Moresby, Wayne and Cheronne Vanderheide.

For Dean and Natalie, thanks for going the extra mile to visit the Lae field. It was a blessing and a pleasure to get to know you and your active, smiley and passionate little man, Clive. May God bless you!

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