Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wildeboers in Lae

Well, here we are, on a hot and humid night in Lae (like they all are). We thought we would join the world of blogging. It is kind of like jogging but from our vantage point, easier. Though, with an incredibily slow dial-up we could probably accomplish both blogging and jogging at the same time and still have time to eat. We welcome you to Lae, Papau New Guinea. Where it is too hot to jog and too slow to blog. But we will try.

Our intentions in joining the world of blogging is to give you a glimse of what is happening here in Lae, Papua New Guinea. We think this will be easier than by monthly updates, only time will tell. We wish to share with you, the reader, the joys and pains, blessings and burdens (which can also be a blessing) of living and working in the settlements of Lae; a city in the developing country of PNG. It is something like a journey that we wish to share with you. Although we started this journey in August of 2005, we feel we have only really begun.

We called it TODAY, because we aspire to update it regularly. But more, we have a God who calls us follow Him. This is our desire and embued with the grace given us, we will!

It is our hope that today and many days you will enjoy keeping tabs on our life.

Today, we will follow HIM!

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