Friday, January 25, 2008

Adventures in Ukarumpa, Part 1

Well, it's unbearably hot and sticky out--even at 8:30pm and with the fans blowing overhead. So that must mean we're back in Lae!

Actually we've been back from Ukarumpa for a few days already and I've tried several times to upload photos with no success. I was hoping to post 4 at once, but it looks like I may have to do them separately.

The Lord blessed us with a great time away (minus the fact that I was quite ill for the last 4 days of it). We thoroughly enjoyed sitting by the fire to keep warm in the evenings and spending lots of time outdoors during the day without being drenched in sweat.

Jonathan mastered the art of two-wheeling (with the training wheels). It was amazing to watch his confidence build--he was so tentative at first and by the end, was a pro!


Kimberley said...

So great to hear from you and know you're back safe and sound. Glad you had such a refreshing time away... we look forward to more photos! Love you!!

peter and nicole said...

Way to go Jonathan!!!