Saturday, January 26, 2008

Uka, Part 3

Some of you may know Richard and Laura Sommer and family. They live in Ukarumpa, where Richard is the principal of the secondary school and Laura works in the type-setting department. Their 5 wonderful kids took Jonathan and Karlyn under their wings, and even babysat them while I was sick. Karlyn fell in love with their girls. (Actually, I think the feeling was mutual!) And here's Karlyn with her new friends---Ulissa, Sarah-Lynn and Stephanie.

The Sommer's took us (and another Canadian couple) on an adventure to Yanki Dam, a large fresh body of water that was dammed up to serve as hydro power for most of PNG. There are some absolutely gorgeous spots around this lake. So pristine. There is not a cottage in sight, although if you look closely you see some village homes amongst the trees. And of course, God’s glorious creation is all around.

Richard and the two boys had built a raft, which served as a little pontoon boat for us and got us to a beautiful spot where we picnicked, and the brave among us swam. (Brrrr....too cold for me!)

It was a great adventure!

(BTW, the umbrella was for the sun, not the rain, thankfully!)


Elissa W said...

so glad that you had a great time, and are home safe again. Karlyn looks like she loved hanging out with the girls - so cute!

Allan and Alice Buist/Plug said...

Beautiful pictures! May God continue to give you strength. We love you!


great to see you do get to venture out when the time is right!
We are sure your little girl looked up to those girls, she is growing up to a gorgeous little girl and Jonathon a big boy on his wheels. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Feel free to look at ours too! regards as always and take care!