Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Home again

It’s amazing that no matter how much you enjoy a holiday, it is always good to come home. We’re glad to be back in Lae after our travels to Port Moresby and beyond, which for us was Cairns, Australia. (FYI Canadians, you pronounce it “Cans”. Although we’re not sure why… because Australians usually add “r’s” onto words, not take them away!).

Port Moresby was busy, but a great time. It was a blessing to take part in what’s happening at the Reformed Churches Bible College. I was thinking back to a presentation that Rev. Stephen ‘t Hart made while they were on furlough in Canada 3 years ago where he shared the vision and need for leadership training in the churches in PNG. And now here we are today—with that vision already realized; the prayers answered. The RCBC has a beautiful, functional property, which houses two missionary families, and everything for the school—classrooms, a resource room and student houses! It’s incredible how the Lord made it all come together in a short period of time. And of course there are already men and women who are being trained there to serve in different capacities in the churches! And as Ian sat in on some of the classes, he quickly realized that the students are privileged to study under both Rev Stephen 't Hart and Wayne vanderHeide. We’re excited at how the Lord will use the Bible College to help build up and strengthen the Reformed Churches in PNG for many years to come.

Here are our kids with the VanderHeides--Sjaan, Bryce, and Cameron…ready to be home-schooled! (taught by Cheronne, also a very good teacher!)

Cairns is just a 1.5 hour flight away from Port Moresby. It’s a beautiful spot for a tropical holiday, and at this time of year neither too hot nor too humid! Almost paradise…(as far as weather goes). We hardly sweated at all for a change! Anyone who wants to meet us for a holiday there some year, let us know! (And then of course you’ll have to take a little detour with us to PNG before heading home again….:) This is Jonathan, at Muddy's Playground, the best place for kids!

Karlyn and me at Lake Placid…how can you not relax with a name like that??

Australia has the most incredible beaches! Here's Ian and Jonathan about to ride the waves at Trinity Beach.

Ian also went to see a naturopath while we were there. So now he is wheat-free, gluten-free and coffee-free. It's a good thing there's no Timmy's in Lae! He is also on some herbal concoction to help him fight the virus, whatever it is. We do thank God that he's slowly on the mend.


Elissa W said...

So glad you had a great time! We are looking forward to seeing Cairnes soon too!! Beautiful pictures ;)

Edward & Sara and boys said...

You are often in our prayers! Since Mathias and Jonathan were born 2 weeks apart (Mathias is 2 weeks younger, 26th) we often think of you around this time of year. We have a picture of the 2 of them when they were 3 months old. Four years later...
We missed not seeing you in the Fall. Hope to see you next time you are in Ontario.

Allan and Alice Buist/Plug said...

We'd love to meet you there sometime .... I'm suggesting to Allan we sell the house and go right now. Though the weather is pretty good here nowadays. Maybe we'll wait a little while.
Praying for you every day!

drmomjoyce said...

HI Ian and Nadia
I just wanted to help you increase your understanding of the Aussie pronounciation. You add an 'r' when you end with an 'a' and if you end with an 'r' then you drop it. So area = arear -see its pretty simple. In Cairns you drop the 'r' becasue its there :)
Love to you all

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ah... Australia...! Those pictures definately bring back memories for us! I always feel bad for the Australians who live here and "go to the beach", especially when its Lake Erie or Christies! No offence to those places, but its just not quite the same! Cole just turned 4 too, and I know your mom, Nadia, always checks on him in church because he and Jonathan are the same age. Your family is always in our prayers too.


Lovely to continue to read a blog post from you every now and then.
Glad you had a nice time away and now you have the memories:) May God continue to better Rev Ian's health and may the healthy concoctions help speed it up:)
Those goegeous kids are growing quickly and you are both looking well, its the holiday air that did it! Nice that the volunteers have been and we are sure you all loveed their help and company and of course the locals as well:)
May God continue to bless all the work done where you are and abroad.
Take care Jen & family.