Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Super Seven!

Jonathan celebrated his 7th birthday last week.
Some friends came over for a party.

Hours of fun was had on this thing!
(Thanks for leaving it behind, VanderHeide's!)

Karlyn and her friend figured they were safer
in their own little dinghy...away from the boys.

A couple months ago some 'rascals' as the criminals are called here, opened a part of the steel fence surrounding our compound and stole Jonathan's bike. Judging by the size of the footprints these 'criminals' weren't more than 10 years old. We aren't sure why the 7 security guards who are supposed to be patrolling the compound didn't notice this happening, but in the end we're glad they didn't because the punishments don't tend to fit the crimes around here. Too many are severely beaten or even killed--for stealing. Our bike wasn't worth that much. Still, Jono did shed some tears the morning he woke up and it was gone. It was a special one he was given while we were in Canada and he rode on it a lot. But in the end, it was just a bike and he managed without it. But he was still very excited to get this new one for his birthday.

Zooming up and down the compound again!
We praise God for keeping Jonathan safe and healthy this past year!


Andrew and Natalie VanderHeide said...

Glad it's being used and enjoyed, Wildeboers!!!!!

Elissa W said...

Wow, beautiful birthday cake! Looks like Jono had lots of fun!