Saturday, October 15, 2011

Airplane Crash

Our country is in shock over an airplane crash that left 28 dead and only four survivors. It was an "Airlines PNG flight"one of the two major airlines in PNG, and the plane was flying from Lae to Madang. Those who saw it go down say there was smoke coming from the engines. The plane crash-landed and then exploded. It seems many survived the crash, only to be burned alive. Such a horrific tragedy, and people all over the country are in mourning. The big question on everyone's minds is, WHY? Why did this happen? Engine failure? Faulty fuel? Bad weather?

We have flown with this airline many times, and we were actually on the first leg of this exact flight just a couple weeks ago, as it's a Port Moresby--Lae--Madang route. It forces us to pause and consider that it could've happened to us.

It's a good reminder that this life is short, so short. Our days are numbered and only the Lord knows when it will be our last.

Please join us in prayer for those who have lost loved ones.


Aunt Irene said...

Hi Ian and Nadia
Just starting to get caught up on your blog and saddened to hear of the tragic crash...will pray that God will comfort those who grieve and He will use this for his glory...

A Irene

I and N Wildeboer said...

Hello Aunt Irene,
So nice to hear from you. Thank you for checking in...and for your prayers. Hope you are all well--You are in His hands!
Nadia and family